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Intelligent Analytics-driven Data Management with Komprise

Komprise enables businesses to manage their data intelligently by identifying inactive data across a customer’s storage and transparently moving infrequently accessed data to cost-efficient options such as cloud or object storage – without any changes to user or application access. This cuts over 75% of costs and solves the business challenge of managing data growth within flat budgets without any changes to user or application access.

Data Analysis and Interactive ROI Visualization

You set various data management objectives and play with “what-if” scenarios to understand their projected impact on footprint and costs. Komprise interactively projects: 1) how the data footprint at the source will change based on the chosen objectives, 2) the cost impact 3) and the projected Returnon-Investment (ROI). This provides a no-risk way to plan capacity and the most effective data management approach before actually moving any data.

Move Data with No Changes to User and Application Access

Once satisfied, simply activate the plan and Komprise moves the data transparently – without using any proprietary agents or static links on the storage systems (mechanisms that have caused problems traditionally). There is no change to manage for users and applications – they continue to see and access the data as they did before.

The Komprise Difference: Raises the Bar on Simplicity and Efficiency

Komprise raises the bar on simplicity and efficiency by eliminating the cost, complexity, limited

scalability, and disruption of prior approaches.

  • No hardware to deploy: Komprise does not require dedicated hardware or upfront infrastructure investments. Deploying Komprise is a 15-minute setup of the Observer virtual machine
  • No storage agents: Komprise does not require any agents on any of the storage systems.Komprise works seamlessly across NFS, SMB/CIFS, and REST/cloud storage using standard protocols without requiring any proprietary interfaces.
  • No stubs: Legacy data management solutions use stub files – static pointers to re-direct users to the new location of files. But, these static stubs have lots of issues – they can be accidentally deleted leaving the moved files orphaned, they can be corrupted –which also leaves the moved files orphaned, they can become invalid if the moved file gets moved again. Komprise uses a patent-pending dynamic link technique that does not have any of these issues. Users and applications continue to access moved files as they did before without any changes
  • No impact on hot data path: Komprise sits outside the active data path so access to hot data remains unchanged. In fact, performance of hot data may improve since Komprise reduces clutter on the primary storage.
  • No scaling limits: Komprise has a scale-out architecture that seamlessly scales on-demand. As capacity grows, simply add more Observer virtual machines.
  • No silos: Komprise delivers a unified view of your data across all your storage and enables you to move data across storage based on your requirements.
  • No costly licenses: With sub-cloud pricing, Komprise is designed to instantly cut 70%+ of costs on every terabyte managed.
  • No complex configurations: Komprise is simple to deploy and operate – it requires no proprietary interfaces or complex infrastructure setup.
  • No disruption: Komprise runs seamlessly in the background and does not interfere with your file system activity. Komprise is designed to adaptively back-off and throttle itself back when your file-systems are in active use, so it runs invisibly without any noticeable impact on performance.
  • No changes to user or application access: Komprise moves data transparently without any changes to user or application access. Moved files are accessible as before from the primary storage without any static stubs.

See here how Komprise can be used together with Spectra Logic DPE.

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